Welcome to Fire And Rescue Concepts, Australian experts in fire safety.

Established in 1995, we have been providing fire safety and rescue courses for business and families all across Australia.

Our goal is to make fire safety informative, but also engaging so that you can build and develop practical skills to use in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

We believe that being prepared with the knowledge and tools to be able to handle a wide range of emergencies is a great investment and could one day be the difference between life and death.

That is why we have developed our training to utilize modern technologies, while including a range of practical exercises to assist in teaching and ensure that everyone that enrolls in the training gets the most out of it.

While we make sure our course material is compliant and will allow you and your business to be fire safe, this is not so much about ticking boxes, it is about building some fundamental skills that enhance each individual and shows them what they are capable of.

The Fire And Rescue Concepts Team:

Ruben Ortiz - Fire and Rescue Concepts

Ruben Ortiz

Ruben is one of the founders of Fire and Rescue Concepts. After working in the United States as a fire chief, he moved to Australia and began work on his new business idea which eventuated into Fire and Rescue Concepts.

His work in fire safety for Australia has led him to be nominated for numerous awards and attributes his success to working hard and focusing on the things you enjoy.

Jerry Chow - Fire and Rescue Concepts

Jerry Chow

Jerry is another one of the founding members of Fire and Rescue Concepts. Working with a strong background in systems and fire safety, he now conducts a large amount of the practical fire and rescue training courses so be sure to say hi once you see him upon enrolling.